Crossland Partners and our affiliates have extensive experience in sales and executive sales management at companies known for their exceptionally strong sales and marketing cultures. We have worked for world-class companies like IBM, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, American Express, and AT&T. This vast experience base allows our professional team to develop and deliver innovative solutions to business issues not normally available from any single organization.

Our expertise includes:

  • Building, leading and coaching sales teams
  • Delivering high quality sales training programs to companies of all sizes
  • Developing winning sales strategies
  • Creating revenue generating programs
  • Introducing new products and new technologies
  • Opening new markets
  • Consistently exceeding revenue objectives
  • Displacing competition
  • Developing intimate customer relationships
  • Selling to executives
  • Networking
  • Motivational speaking

We have sold to companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, and we have trained salespeople and practice professionals across multiple industry sectors.

In addition to working for world-class corporations, we have considerable experience leading small, start-up businesses.We have been corporate officers, we have led our own sales organizations, and we have been on the front-lines. We understand the issues facing both large and small businesses that are striving for sales excellence. Together, Crossland Partners and our affiliates can guide you in all facets of the sales process as you journey to become world-class.