How can we increase our base of new clients?

The first step in that process is to secure a face-to-face meeting so the selling can begin. Our Appointment-Making Workshop will build the skills to enable your people to get their foot-in-the-door with new prospects.


How do we beat our competitors who have better products and better technology?

Companies that try to compete on features or technology rarely beat those that sell business value. If your people are using a Consultative Selling approach, they will elevate themselves and your company to a position where features become secondary in the decision process.


How can we influence the executive decision-makers?

Selling to executives will have a profound impact on your ability to shape the course of customer projects and the purchasing decisions that accompany them. Our Selling to Executives Workshop will provide your people with the tools and confidence they need to call at the top.


How can we get our veteran salespeople re-energized to become “hunters” again?

Getting experienced salespeople out of their comfort zone usually requires a number of things, including Management Coaching, a Compensation Plan that motivates them to become “hunters”, and some refresher training to restore their skills. We can work with your management team in each of these areas to determine which will yield the fastest results.


How do we hire top-notch salespeople?

Knowing what attributes to look for, what questions to ask during an interview and how to judge the responses are critical to making the right decision. Crossland Partners has been interviewing and hiring talented sales reps for more than twenty-five years, and we can help you Hire High-Performance Salespeople.


How can I “clone” my best sales reps?

Salespeople that stand out from the pack have a unique combination of skills and knowledge in multiple areas. They excel at building customer relationships, beating competition, developing strategies, and exceeding their objectives every year. These skills can be modeled, measured and developed for the benefit of your other salespeople. We can help you Model Sales Excellence so that your average sales rep becomes an “A” player.



How do we keep our biggest clients loyal to us?

Customer loyalty is built by consistently treating them like they are your only customer. We can help you Build Loyalty from your Key Accounts by designing programs and strategies geared to their needs.


How do we break into new markets?

Breaking into new markets requires a strategy that incorporates your goals, potential obstacles, your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competition, and a host of other factors. Our experience in developing both strategies and tactics to grow market share can be invaluable as you Plan for Success.


How do we deal with the pressure to discount from our customers?

Customers often ask for discounts because they do not understand the business value that your company provides. This typically happens when salespeople focus on selling products instead of what those products do for the customer. Our Consultative Selling Workshop teaches salespeople how to sell the impact that you have on your clients’ revenue, profit, market share, etc which eliminates the need for discounting.


How do we avoid the ups and downs of the sales cycle?

Companies experience troughs in their sales cycle when salespeople are too busy to replenish their base of new prospects. This typically happens because they are either wasting time on “dead” leads or too focused on that one big deal –at the exclusion of everything else. Our Sales Funnel Workshop shows students how to easily assess the odds of winning a deal and teaches them how to keep their pipeline full of new opportunities.