Sales Funnel Management Workshop

Many companies struggle because their pipelines are filled with people that have no intention of buying and are no longer valid prospects. As a result, their salespeople waste time on either these dead opportunities or other low-odds big deals. This impacts their productivity and your ability to develop an accurate forecast.

Our Sales Funnel Management Workshop teaches a discipline to accurately assess the status of the prospects within your pipeline. Salespeople learn to optimize their selling time by moving prospects through the sales cycle and retain only those active prospects that are likely to do business with you.

Participants will learn to quickly identify their best prospects, develop next step strategies, objectively determine which prospects are most likely to close, and better plan and manage their time.

The workshop also provides an excellent tool for sales managers to develop winning strategies with their sales team; effectively run a sales meeting; recognize areas where salespeople need coaching; provide more accurate forecasts, and better focus and prioritize the sales team's activities.

Workshop Benefits

Our monthly sales are up 68% since using the Sales Funnel Management techniques from Crossland Partners ...

-- Mr. Chris Patton
Vice President
Victory Van

  • Salespeople will develop strategies for advancing prospects through the sales cycle
  • Salespeople will focus time and energy on best opportunities
  • Improved forecasting ability
  • Management can quickly assess how their people are performing