Selling to Executives Workshop

Why Sell to Executives?

Salespeople who focus their efforts on the traditional decision makers within purchasing or the various functional departments overlook the fact that executives run the business! Executives don’t manage the budgets, they control them. They have the power to put you on the approved vendor list if you’re not there today. They can overrule the “decision makers” and move in another direction if they choose. Most importantly, if you can sell the executive on the unique value that you provide to their business, competition and price may never become factors in their decision to buy from you. World-class sales organizations include executive calling as a major component of their sales efforts and recognize it as an effective way to penetrate new accounts.

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this Executive Selling Workshop participants will:

  • Increase their comfort and confidence to successfully sell to executive-level buyers.
  • Recognize the reasons most sales people avoid calling on executives.
  • Learn the value of calling higher.
  • Understand what executives care about.
  • Appreciate the role the executive plays in strategic initiatives.
  • Ask relevant questions that encourage executives to share their objectives and priorities.
  • Learn how to get invited back for a second meeting.
  • Understand how to properly research and prepare for the first executive meeting.
  • Use the executive meeting as a springboard for selling throughout the organization.