Business Development for Non-Sales Professionals

Many service firms are filled with professionals who must occasionally sell in order to attract new clients or find additional business from existing clients. Lawyers, accountants, architects, consultants and engineers are more valuable to their firms if they can develop rainmaking skills.

Crossland Partners can help you grow your practice by providing you with the tools and techniques used by business professionals to generate sales and secure new clients. The approach that we use is one already familiar to most practice professionals – understand your clients’ needs first, and then recommend a solution.

We reinforce this approach by helping you to:

  • Define your value in business terms
  • Develop networking skills to build your base of new clients
  • Overcome the fear and reluctance to “sell”
  • Make an appointment with new prospects
  • Understand the consultative approach to generating new business
  • Build rapport and trust with new prospective clients
  • Use powerful questions to identify client needs and goals
  • Improve your active listening skills
  • Manage client questions and concerns
  • Enhance client loyalty and get follow-on business

Crossland Partners can help enhance your rainmaking skills and make you an invaluable resource to your firm.