Appointment-Making Workshop

Companies that achieve exceptional revenue growth understand that one of the most critical steps in building a pipeline of new prospects is to get that first appointment. Our Appointment-Making Workshop helps your salespeople get their “foot-in-the-door” with new prospects so they can begin selling. This will help your salespeople take a very pro-active approach to grabbing market share instead of relying solely on networking, internet leads or existing clients for revenue growth.

The Appointment-Making Workshop will enable salespeople to use proven methods to generate leads, overcome the fear of call reluctance, capitalize upon referrals, and secure more appointments with decision makers. Salespeople will create their own individual approach for appointment-setting and practice these newfound skills through role-playing to ensure the successful application of what was taught.

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this Appointment-Making Workshop participants will:

  • Develop techniques for making successful cold calls;
  • Overcome the fear of call reluctance;
  • Anticipate and manage negative responses to their call;
  • Use references to penetrate new accounts;
  • Effectively deal with gatekeepers;
  • Leave voicemail messages that get returned; and
  • Generate more sales as they secure more new appointments.