Consultative Selling Skills

What is Consultative Selling?

World-class sales organizations train their salespeople to help customers achieve their goals or solve their problems in order to differentiate themselves from salespeople who are pushing products. A client who believes that you’re helping them attain their goals will see you as a consultant or a trusted advisor, and not as a vendor. Salespeople that sell based on helping their clients generate more revenue, reduce expenses, gain market share, and improve customer satisfaction will always have a huge competitive advantage.

The Consultative Selling Workshop teaches attendees a structured four-step sales call that is based on asking the right questions to understand the customer’s objectives, issues and priorities before beginning to sell anything.

This consultative selling approach is the fundamental building block that the best sales organizations use to train their teams. Our workshop uses a combination of classroom education and role-playing to ensure the transfer of critical selling skills and provides the foundation for professional solution-selling.

Workshop Benefits

The Consultative Selling Workshop will teach participants:

Crossland Partners’ Consultative Selling Workshop has made a significant impact in how we approach our customers. Our ability to sell business value has opened many doors that were previously closed to us. We’re calling on higher-level people, we’re having more meaningful conversations, and we’re being viewed as consultants by our clients

-- Mr. Jerry Hancock
Hanler Communications

  • How world-class companies sell;
  • What customers are thinking about during the sales meeting;
  • The two most important words in selling;
  • Why customers don’t buy…and what to do about it;
  • The questions to ask BEFORE they begin to sell anything;
  • The importance of active listening;
  • How to move from “vendor” to “consultant” status in their accounts;
  • The importance of defining your value proposition;
  • Selling solutions…versus presenting features;
  • How to professionally deal with objections;
  • The importance of having a “next step” and
  • What to do BEFORE each customer meeting.