An outstanding salesperson selling higher priced products will outperform a mediocre salesperson offering less expensive, superior products 9 times out of 10! Can your salespeople do that?

Many successful businesses have achieved that status because of superior salesmanship. These companies realize that hiring, training and retaining talented sales people provides them with a huge competitive advantage. Long after their product leadership has diminished their world-class sales teams will continue to grow the business because they possess the drive, the skills, the knowledge, and the customer relationships that allow them to be highly successful.

The ability to hire, train, motivate, coach, develop, and retain "A" players is critical in determining whether an organization can build a consistently over-achieving sales team.

The five initiatives that are critical to building a world-class sales organization are:

  1. Hiring salespeople with high potential.
  2. Developing a model of sales excellence that all salespeople can be coached to emulate.
  3. Training salespeople to act like consultants to their clients.
  4. Ensuring that sales managers act as both leaders and coaches.
  5. Developing a compensation plan that rewards excellence.

Crossland Partners has extensive experience in each of these areas and can help you develop a plan to create a world-class sales organization.