Train Salespeople to Act Like Consultants

Most companies have a sales force comprised of individuals with varying backgrounds and sales experience. Too often, companies assume that their "experienced" sales people have solid selling skills. As a result, annual sales meetings tend to be annual "product training" events, and management believes salespeople leave the meeting with all the information they need to be successful.

This approach ignores the reality that many salespeople have never had real sales skills training. As a result, their meetings with customers focus on products instead of the customer's business.

CLICK HERE for Consultative Selling workshops ... Our Consultative Selling Workshop teaches salespeople to gain an in-depth understanding of their client's business goals and priorities before recommending solutions or products to them. We focus on the critical elements of asking questions and listening to the client. This consultative selling methodology is precisely what world-class companies teach their salespeople. They train new employees and experienced salespeople to the same standard to ensure that all of their salespeople are grounded in the right selling fundamentals.