Is your sales organization as effective as it can be?

Companies with superb sales organizations continuously focus on making them better. The cornerstones of their success are:

  1. Hiring, training, motivating, and nurturing their people.
  2. Planning for success.
  3. Developing programs to generate sales.
  4. An unwavering focus on their customers.

The effectiveness of your sales organization can be evaluated and improved by focusing on these critical areas:

  • Personnel

    • Hiring high-potential salespeople.
    • Building the right skills through sales training.
    • Developing a model of sales excellence that all salespeople will strive to emulate.
    • Ensuring that sales managers become leaders and coaches.
    • Developing a compensation plan that rewards and motivates.
    • Creating career paths to retain your best people.

  • Planning

    • Developing an overall sales strategy that encompasses markets, customers, competitors and products.
    • Key account and territory level planning.
    • Understanding your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • Programs

    • Developing sales and marketing programs to fill your pipeline and generate new sales.
    • Developing specific programs to generate revenue by customer segment, like key accounts or new business.

  • Customer

    • Building a value map that describes, in business terms, what differentiates you from your competitors.
    • Developing customer executive relationship programs.
    • Creating a mechanism to gather and act on customer satisfaction feedback.

Crossland Partners can work with you to evaluate your areas of strength and areas for improvement. By focusing on the areas that will provide the most immediate and profound impact on your success, Crossland Partners will guide your business, at your pace, to become a world-class organization.