Build Compensation Plans That Drive Sales

Effective Compensation and Recognition Plans Generate More Sales!

Leading sales organizations recognize that well-designed compensation and recognition plans help attract, retain and motivate high performance salespeople. Many sales compensation plans create little separation between the "A" players and the "C" players. As a result, the top performers may not be motivated to overachieve. Likewise, compensation plans that are geared to motivating salespeople to reach their target of 100% may inadvertently cause them to slow down once they hit that target. This typically happens in the 4th quarter, precisely when a company needs its' sales teams driving the hardest.

A well-designed compensation and recognition plan will drive salespeople to overachieve while recognizing their accomplishments along the way to keep them motivated. It will also cause the sales teams to focus on the strategic and tactical objectives that the company has established. An effective compensation plan can be a strategic weapon for your business because it will help you attract and keep the best salespeople, while motivating them to sell aggressively.

Crossland Partners can help you design a sales compensation plan and a recognition program that will motivate your salespeople and focus them on the company's highest priorities.