Hire High-Performance Sales People

Hiring someone with the talent and potential to be a truly outstanding sales rep may be the single most important long-term decision a company will make. Simply hiring experienced salespeople is not the answer. A sales veteran with 15 years of experience may truly have one year of experience repeated 14 more times! They may have achieved success as a member of a team where individual contributions are difficult to gauge. Their past performance may or may not be reflective of how successful they'll be in the future.

Selecting the best sales candidate with the right attitude, the right skills, and the ability to be successful in your organization will have a significant impact on your business. Conversely, miss-hiring will have a negative impact because of the cost to correct the mistake, the loss of productivity, and more importantly, the lost revenue that you hired this person to generate.

Knowing what attributes to look for, what questions to ask during an interview and how to judge the responses are critical to making the right decision. Crossland Partners has been interviewing and hiring talented sales reps for more than twenty-five years. This direct experience can be invaluable as you build your exceptional sales team.