Model and Develop Sales Excellence

In sales, an "A" player is someone who consistently outperforms their peers, over-achieves on an ongoing basis, and ranks in the top 10% of the organization. World-class sales teams have a high percentage of "A" players in their ranks. Some of the attributes that separate the "A" players from the "B" or "C" players include heart, desire, and competitiveness - personality characteristics that cannot be taught. However, there are many other factors, which can be acquired, that also contribute to the development of high-performance salespeople.

World-class salespeople have a balance of skills in multiple areas. They are skilled in selling effectively, crafting winning strategies, and developing intimate customer relationships. They are also excellent communicators. Likewise, they have in-depth knowledge of their customer's business, their own products, their competition, and their industry. This combination of business acumen and interpersonal skills can be modeled, measured and developed. By creating a 'model of excellence', an organization can establish a benchmark of competencies that all salespeople should be motivated to emulate. Developing skills based on this model will enable your salespeople to achieve that "A" player level of performance.

Crossland Partners can help you develop the right set of sales competencies for your business to ensure that your sales teams are continually growing and developing world-class skills.